Daniel Graziotin

I was born on 23rd April 1987. I live in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy.

I am PhD student in Computer Science at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. My research interests include Human Aspects in empirical Software Engineering with psychological measurements, Web Engineering, Open-Access, Open-Data, Open-Science, and Open-Source.

My ORCID public record is 0000-0002-9107-7681.

See my publications and my ImpactStory.

My curriculum vitae is available as well.

I maintain some Open Source projects.

I am also a Stack Exchange Q/A websites user.


I want to understand the human side of software development

This is nowhere easy.

Software development is intellectual and accomplished through cognitive processing abilities. Research in software engineering has failed so far to take into account deep human aspects of software developers. For example, their moods and emotions. I am currently interested to understand how affects play a role in the performance of software developers, while they program. Additionally, software engineering has a lack of engineering. The software construction is social, reflective, crafting, sense-making, and emotionally driven process.

Fortunately, I am not alone.

I am lucky to be part of a dynamic, open minded research team at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. With Pekka Abrahamsson, Xiaofeng Wang, and several smart people, we keep challenging the way we see software developers and the way we do research. We often change perspective. And we are not afraid of that.


Ineed.coffee is a collection of articles regarding Computer Science, operating systems, Internet, software engineering, Web engineering, software projects, research, teaching, and my attempts to make all this stuff both working and as much open as possible.

This website has quite a list of previous names. It started in year 2005 as daniel.graziotin.net. It was changed to bd-things.net in 2008. The domain was changed to task3.cc in 2010, where its content became more technical and less blog-oriented. Finally, in 2014, this website assumed its current identity, ineed.coffee. The new Generic top-level domains are providing a unique opportunity to free up creativity in names. They let websites and content creators to find their identity. With I need coffee, I think I reached a new state of zen.

This website has nothing to do with coffee, per se. I act as a computer scientist, a software engineer, a Web developer, a researcher, a lecturer, an activist, and as Italian. All Those roles transmit the stereotype of coffee lovers (besides other things). That is actually the case for me. If you ever want to catch my attention when you meet me, invite me for a coffee.

Coffee is for me both the companion of longest longevity and my heaviest addiction. I quit drinking alcohol in 2010. I successfully quit smoking in 2012. I think I will never stop drinking coffee.


Thing is..I need coffee.