My OS X Docker images for LAMP are no longer necessary

I learned recently that Docker for Mac v1.12.0 has finally a working solution for mounted volumes with proper read/write permissions. So I am happy to announce that my Docker project osx-docker-lamp and its minor sisters osx-docker-mysql and osx-docker-apache-php are no longer necessary. Thank you for the support!

Importing and registering your car to Germany

So you want to import your car to Germany. Oh dear, where do I start? This has been the longest, most exhausting, time consuming, and the only (so far) ridiculous bureaucracy-related operation we had to perform in Germany. Here I summarize the sequence of long operations that you need to perform. All of them require … Continue reading “Importing and registering your car to Germany”

How to write an ACM-styled conference paper using Markdown/Pandoc

I do not have much time for writing this post. Please insert here the obligatory rant against LaTeX syntax despite of its powerful functionality. Also insert here how Markdown syntax is fresh and readable. Let’s go straight to the point. I don’t know about my peers, but if LaTeX lacked support from editors and plugins … Continue reading “How to write an ACM-styled conference paper using Markdown/Pandoc”

If you can’t beat ‘em..clean ’em. Using imapfilter for remote rules to an IMAP mailbox

Software engineers receive tons of e-mails. Academics do, too. I am both. As several users do, I use inbox rules to flow my incoming messages. For example, e-mails concerning call for papers go straight to an inbox folder called CFP. E-mails related to editorial concerns go to a folder called EDITORIAL. E-mails sent to several … Continue reading “If you can’t beat ‘em..clean ’em. Using imapfilter for remote rules to an IMAP mailbox”

Banche e assicurazioni in Germania

In Germania un conto corrente viene utilizzato molto più che in Italia. Solo per fare un esempio, i centri di revisione e di registrazione veicoli richiedono un mandato SEPA. Consiglio vivamente di tentare di aprire un conto corrente in banca (Girokonto) appena troverai un appartamento, ancora prima di traslocare. In questo post presumo che cercherai … Continue reading “Banche e assicurazioni in Germania”

Banks and insurances in Germany

Germany relies on banks much more than Italy. I strongly advise you to attempt to open a bank account (Girokonto) as soon as you find a flat, before relocating to Germany. Here I assume that you will look for a non online-only bank account. I wrote attempt to open an account because most of the … Continue reading “Banks and insurances in Germany”