datadeck v0.4.0 - creation, modification and organization of packages


A new DataDeck version is out. In DataDeck v0.4.0 I implemented quite all the additions I developed in dpm library. In this release I focused on packages. Because DataDeck searches and downloads packages from The Data Hub, it makes sense to have those packages organized and easily managed. Therefore, DataDeck now has a Package Library (or a local workspace):

. The Library provides a unique and easy way to see which packages are locally installed. Extended information on local packages can be retrieved. Of course, local packages may be deleted from disk if necessary. Notice anything else new? A package can also be edited and saved. There is a new Create panel for this:

Because of other recent dpm modifications I proposed and developed, I took the occasion to let users create packages from scratch. Those packages may also be stored in the Library, too. This is just a little step: we must still let users add resources to packages and upload packages to The Data Hub. But I am very satisfied about the development so far.

Here is the changelog for DataDeck v0.4.0:

What will be next?

I do not use a commenting system anymore, but I would be glad to read your feedback. Feel free to contact me.