[explained] foundations for open scholarship strategy development


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Together with a large group (32) of researchers belonging to all disciplines, we formed a committee to draft a proposal for strategies to develop open scholarship (like open science but broader to include all disciplines) at individual, group, and national level, and short, mid, and long-term. The document was developed as a response to some criticisms to the open science movement that, as a movement, was lacking clear guidelines to what to actually do as a collective. We now have it.

The strategies will always be available openly as an archived open access whitepaper in the Open Science Framework repository. They can be used to advocate for open research in institutions and governments.

Tennant, J., Beamer, J. E., Bosman, J., Brembs, B., Chung, N. C., Clement, G., …, Graziotin, D., Turner, A. (2019). Foundations for Open Scholarship Strategy Development. 10.31222/osf.io/b4v8p [open access]

The EASE Blog editor has done an excellent job in summarizing and explaining the document.

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