how to run guitar pro 6.1.0 on linux


As an amateur electric bass player, I am a huge fan of Guitar Pro. Version 6 natively runs on GNU/Linux, but has many issues. Moreover, starting from the last version (6.1.0), the program won’t run on many distributions (in my case, Archlinux i686). The following should work for any non-Ubuntu distributions (but also for Ubuntu, if they don’t provide the required libraries in a standard installation).

When trying to launch the program using


, the following error appears:

./GuitarPro: error while loading shared libraries: 
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

That’s because in Archlinux there’s already openssl 1.0.x (currently openssl 1.0.0.e-1). There is an AUR package called openssl-compatibility but it does not provide the right minor version. Libcrypto 0.9.8 is required, we do not know which minor version. This is what happens if you install it:

./GuitarPro: /usr/lib/ 
no version information available (required by ./GuitarPro)

That’s annoying. I thought that, being Guitar Pro built for Ubuntu Linux, the current Ubuntu Natty libssl 0.9.8 would have worked. It did. Download that DEB package, uncompress it, extract the contained


archive and enter the extracted lib/ directory

ar xv libssl0.9.8_0.9.8o-5ubuntu1_i386.deb
tar xfvz data.tar.gz
cd lib/

In this directory you will find the required files:

Move them to the /usr/lib/ folder. That’s it, Guitar Pro 6.1.0 will start and everything will be fine. Please note that this tutorial was for 32 bit architecture. It may work for 64 bit but download the appropriate libraries for your CPU architecture.

I do not use a commenting system anymore, but I would be glad to read your feedback. Feel free to contact me.