is tracking free


Over the last years, there has been an ever increasing interest in Internet Privacy to counteract the worryingly demand by Internet companies to track users and their behavior, often for advertising purposes. I joined the movement and, while I do not consider myself as a privacy advocate, I do provide my fair share of recommendations to family and friends. Something that was bugging me for some time was how my website reflected quite some hypocrisy on my side. Using very useful commodities opened up tracking of my few visitors from third parties.

Well, a rainy weekend has come by, and I can now gladly report that my hypocrisy has been amended: I need coffee is tracking free. To the best of my knowledge, all data that visitors receive and transmit whenever they browse my website stays on my server and my content delivery network (CDN), users are never tracked by third parties, and cookies are never placed without prior consent.

The whole process, for a Wordpress website at least, is hassle free. The best of it, besides feeling good about me and my visitors? I did not give up any functionality that I was having before going tracking free and I suffered zero performance loss. Also, no need to place any annoying cookie consent banner to be GDPR compliant because my website currently sets technical, non-tracking cookies only.

Oddly satisfying: all network requests when visiting come from my servers and my CDN.

What follows is a concise list of what I did with links to help to achieve the same.

Please note that some individual posts might still have external tracking which might be enabled by embedding third party media such as a Tweet or a Youtube video. My revamped Privacy Policy page explains this issue with more details.

I do not use a commenting system anymore, but I would be glad to read your feedback. Feel free to contact me.