introducing semat essence accelerator


It is a pleasure for me to announce a stable public release of SematAcc - the SEMAT Essence Accelerator.

SematAcc is a web positioning system for SEMAT Essence Theory of Software Engineering. It provides practical ways to learn the Essence theory, as it enables a web positioning system to represent a software system status using Essence Kernel (currently, only the Concerns, Alphas and the States are supported).

SematAcc - The Kernel and the Graphs SematAcc - The Kernel and the Graphs

The tool was developed using the Meteor framework and it serves for multiple use cases. In short, it is an awareness creator, self-positioning system, discussion generator as well as visualization of your project’s current state. SematAcc was also developed with research in mind. It enables research on Essence by logging the events on each State change. It might be employed as a valuable tool for controlled experiments and case studies.

Read more on the project page.

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