mbpfan v1.5.0 is out. supports true multicore cpus


Mbpfan v1.5.0 is out! This release adds compatibility with 3.5-3.6 kernels and true multicore CPUs. That is, all Intel based Macbooks should be supported. I am using mbpfan on my Macbook Pro 6,2 on Ubuntu 12.10 successfully. This time, I could find the very kind collaboration of two Archlinux users, to make the necessary changes to mbpfan. This means that mbpfan has been successfully tested on Archlinux, as well.

These are the Apple Macbook models tested so far:

I would really be happy to know how mbpfan v1.5.0 is working on your Macbook, as well. I would also like to package the sourcecode and distribute it for GNU/Linux distributions (especially Ubuntu .deb packages). However, I am not sure when I will find the time for this.

I do not use a commenting system anymore, but I would be glad to read your feedback. Feel free to contact me.