object oriented memory management


Major Update on 10th April 2009, inclusion of C++ programming language! Updated on 18th April 2008, a complete example on stack and heap Updated on 15th April 2008, new contents and new layout! Updated on 6th April 2008, new contents!

The paper you can download from here is about a model for memory management during the execution of programs written in Java and C++.

It started on March, 2008 as a summary of the lecture notes of both the “Programming Project” and “Software Engineering Project” courses held by professors of the CASE (Center for Applied Software Engineering) of the Free University of Bolzano - Bozen.

The first versions of this publication were only about Java memory management. Subsequent revisions added information found on other sources. Unfortunately, the author forgot to reference the sources on the document.

On March, 2009 the author began to add the information about C++ programming language. More information from other sources were added, including their attribution.

The biggest source of this document is still the set of presentations of CASE. The code snippets and their corresponding stack/heap diagrams are copied in full from those of the slides.

The next major revision will contain original images (not belonging to CASE slides), as well as other code snippets that I could find more clear than those of CASE.

If you find that this document contains information taken from one of your publications, please contact the author, that is willing to either delete them from this document or to add an attribution to your work.

Download: object-oriented-memory-management-java-c++

Table of Contents:

Everything is integrated with simple examples.

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