official github for mac os x graphical client!


I am an enthusiast user of GitHub, the popular hosting service of free Git repositories presented in a social oriented website. But I never noticed the existence of the GitHub client for Mac OS X, a nice and sweet graphical client for GitHub repositories written for Mac. Until today. Directly written by GitHub developers, the program it lets you perform all the most common Git commands from the user interface, plus many features automatically done for you.

The program first start shows a convenient wizard that lets us login to our GitHub account and set global email and username.

Moreover, it automatically retrieves our repositories and lets us choose which one should be handled by the program. The main screen presents an overview of our repositories. For each one, we can perform common operations such as synchronize the repository, cloning them, committing changes with a very social-network-oriented “post your comment” style, switching between branches, browse commit histories, select which files to commit and many more!

I totally recommend it for any Mac OS X user.

Check out the some more screenshots in the gallery.

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