rchiveit v1.2.0 - now with permalinks and utf-8 encoding


I am pleased to announce the availability of rchiveit v1.2.0. This version features a major refactoring of the codebase and two important features:

  1. Permalinks for journals! You can actually bookmark the entries now. Try http://rchive.it/#0028-0836 to see Nature entry

  2. UTF-8 was forced for SHERPA/RoMEO XML. This means that words like


will now be displayed correctly.

The version is already live at http://rchive.it. If you visited rchiveit before, you may want to refresh the browser in order to provoke a cache flush. Happy self-archiving!

I do not use a commenting system anymore, but I would be glad to read your feedback. Feel free to contact me.