stopping or uninstalling universal search on dsm 7


Quick post to keep note of something useful. Hope it helps you as well in case you look for it. I used to stop services on my Synology using either the synoservicecfg command, the synoservicectl command, or the synoservice one. I never understood which one was the correct one.

It seems that Synology has removed all these commands with the upcoming DSM7, now in beta.

The new command to use is synopkg (/usr/syno/bin/synopkg). And here I show how to use it for stopping and/or removing Universal Search (DSM feature to index your content for quick search.).

Stop a service with synopkg stop <package_name>. The <package_name> for Universal Search is SynoFinder1.

/usr/syno/bin/synopkg stop SynoFinder


Make this change permanent by creating a startup task.

Open the DSM from your browser. Open the Control Panel. Seach for, or click on, Task Scheduler: Create -> Triggered Task -> User-defined Script.

Under General:

Under Task settings:

Check the service status with synopkg status <package_name>. Here I report the expected output:

/usr/syno/bin/synopkg status SynoFinder

SynoFinder package is stopped
Status: [1]

Uninstall a service completely with synopkg uninstall <package_name>.

/usr/syno/bin/synopkg uninstall SynoFinder


Check that the removal was successful with synopkg status <package_name>. Here I report the expected output:

/usr/syno/bin/synopkg status SynoFinder

No such package SynoFinder
Status: [255]

Find a list of all installed services with /usr/syno/bin/synopkg list and use the package name without the -version part.

To start the service again, use /usr/syno/bin/synopkg start SynoFinder and, if any, remove the startup script.

To reinstall the service, Search for “Universal Finder” in the DSM Package Manager. You will be able to install it from there.

  1. For this, and for all successive code snippets, the first line is the input command and all successive lines are what the command should output. 

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