where to find archlinux in a vps hosting service


You can find your favourite linux distribution at linode.com, a great hosting service where I’m transferring my blog and all other services I need. They offer great cheap VPS solutions, and you can choose Archlinux from the available linux distributions. Archlinux is currently in testing: for example, ssh will not work after a fresh install. Here I’m going to explain how to fix this and how to access your VPS.

After the installation of Archlinux, if you try to connect to ssh, you will receive this error:

ssh [email protected]
ssh: connect to host yourIP port 22: Connection refused

That’s because Archlinux does not install the openssh server by default. Let’s install it! Linode offers a workaround to connect to your machines, called Lish, the LInode SHell. From this shell, you will be able then to connect to your machines.

Where yourLinodeUsername is the username you chose for Linode registration, and yourLinodeHost is the host address of the machine (you can see it in this page, after a login: https://www.linode.com/members/remote.cfm, it’s in the form hostNUMBER).

You will be then prompted to Archlinux console. Use your root access and install ssh:

pacman -Sy
pacman -S openssh

Add sshd to your deamons array in /etc/rc.conf

DAEMONS=(… sshd …)

If you try to connect to your account via ssh, you will get another error at this time, because you need to allow external internet connections to the ssh daemon. Your /etc/hosts.allow should look like this:

sshd: ALL

Start opensshd (/etc/rc.d/sshd start) or reboot the machine, you’re finished!

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