docker-nginx-webdav-nononsense aims to be a Docker image that enables a no-nonsense WebDAV system on the latest available nginx, both mainline and stable.

The image and resulting container is designed to run behind a reverse proxy (e.g., the great jc21/nginx-proxy-manager) to handle SSL. So, it runs on port 80 internally.

Why no-nonsense?

I’m taking it lightly: my own project is no-nonsense to me ;-) there is nothing wrong with other projects.

Here is what I think sets it apart from other nginx Docker images.


Mount any of these two volumes:

These are environment variables you can set, and what they do.


If you are using a reverse proxy (you should!) do not forget to connect the container to the reverse proxy. Follow the instructions of your reverse proxy. With jc21/nginx-proxy-manager, I add the following to the docker-compose.yml:

         name: reverseproxy

Consider also un-exposing the port if you use a reverse proxy.

Feature requests

I will add features if I happen to need them. To name one, I do not need native SSL support, because I use a reverse proxy. However, I welcome pull requests.