Active projects

A lightweight daemon that controls the fan speed of Macbook/Macbook Pros laptops when running GNU/Linux.

osx-docker-lamp, which is known as dgraziotin/lamp in the Docker Hub, is a fork of tutumcloud/tutum-docker-lamp, which is an “Out-of-the-box LAMP image (PHP+MySQL) for Docker” that just works under Mac OS X, no matter if using boot2docker or vagrant. See also osx-docker-apache-php and osx-docker-mysql.

A Web-based tool to spread the awareness and the adoption of self-archiving practices in Computer Science and other disciplines.

Inactive projects

The following projects are unmaintained. They are reported here because somebody may still find them useful.
I would be happy if they find a new owner.

Semat Accelerator
A Web-based modeling tool for learning and researching SEMAT Essence Theory of Software Engineering.

Dycapo Server
A Python/Django server application that provides basic dynamic carpooling functionalities. This is my B.Sc. thesis project and is a tiny part of the whole Dycapo Project, a research aiming to standardize dynamic transit services.

A tiny C shell for Unix systems.

A Java/Android application that implements the basic rules of the Pomodoro technique.
Pomodroid: a Java/Android application that interacts with a Trac
system, retrieves developer’s tasks and lets him work following the basic rules of the Pomodoro technique. This project was substituted by OpenPomo.

Will be a graphical frontend for the datapkg tool (http://okfn.org/projects/datapkg/).
It is aiming to become the standard CKAN (http://ckan.net/) graphical tool for searching, fetching and distributing open data sets.

A dynamic website to allow people to review releases (albums, demos, EPs, singles) of (young, unsigned) music bands. Written using a small subset of JavaEE technologies, without the use of web-frameworks.

A dpaste/pastebin clone written using Django.

A Python tool for automatically retrieve and adjust Metal and Progressive Rock / Metal genre of iTunes songs.

A task manager implementing the Pomodoro Technique.