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DataDeck is a graphical frontend for the dpm tool (once known as Datapkg), for working with data and interacting with CKAN. It aims to ease the use of dpm for non technical users. Moreover, it runs on most environments where its dependencies are met.


It is written using Python programming language and the wxWidgets, through wxPython.



DataDeck is currently under development and has reached version v0.4.0.
It uses Semantic Versioning for defining releases.
You can follow the development status by reading the posts tagged “datadeck”.


  • All functionalities can be reached from the main GUI (tabbed GUI style)
  • The Main GUI is diveded in three main parts: Library, Search and Create
  • Library: the unique workspace of Packages in which downloaded, created and modified packages are stored or deleted.
  • Search: gives the user the possibility to search (and download) packages from thedatahub.org
  • Create: addition and modification of Packages – ex-novo or from already existant packages
  • A Package not located in the library can be opened (File->Open) and saved in the Library
  • The installation of dpm is detected at program start, user is warned if it is missing
  • The configuration is created on first program start, user is warned to set a Package Library path
  • The configuration can be easily changed from the Settings


  • setuptools
  • wxPython (2.8.x should be enough)
  • dpm

If you already have setuptools installed, dpm and ckanclient (required by dpm) should automatically be installed.


Stable Version

You can either manually download the latest stable version from GitHub or install it using setuptools:
Manual Download
Browse the repository tags and download the last stable version. Install it using

python setup.py install

(root user required, or use sudo).
Using setuptools
As root user, or append sudo before:

easy_install datadeck

Development Version


The installation process will create a command (under


for a GNU/Linux distribution) called datadeck. This is what you must run in order to use the program.

Reporting Issues

Please use the bug tracker

More Information

Read the report (PDF file).


DataDeck is released under the BSD 2-Clause License.


Ramblings of Daniel Graziotin

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Dr. Daniel Graziotin received his PhD in computer science, software engineering at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. His research interests include human aspects in empirical software engineering with psychological measurements, Web engineering, and open science. He researches, publishes, and reviews for venues in software engineering, human-computer interaction, and psychology. Daniel is the founder of the psychoempirical software engineering discipline and guidelines. He is associate editor at the Journal of Open Research Software, academic editor at the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal, and academic editor at the Open Communications in Computer Science journal. He is the local coordinator of the Italian Open science local group for the Open Knowledge Foundation. He is a member of ACM, SIGSOFT, and IEEE.