Kickstarting the OKF Open Science group for Italy

I received the honors (and the responsibilities) to kickstart the Italian chapter for the Open Knowledge Foundation Open science working group. I am so happy that I have not been alone since the beginning. Together with two OKF Italia founding members (my old friend Maurizio Napolitano and Francesca de Chiara) and two first open scientist … Continue reading “Kickstarting the OKF Open Science group for Italy”

DataDeck v0.4.0 – Creation, modification and organization of Packages

A new DataDeck version is out. In DataDeck v0.4.0 I implemented quite all the additions I developed in dpm library. In this release I focused on packages. Because DataDeck searches and downloads packages from The Data Hub, it makes sense to have those packages organized and easily managed. Therefore, DataDeck now has a Package Library … Continue reading “DataDeck v0.4.0 – Creation, modification and organization of Packages”

Announcing DataDeck v0.3.3, huge refactoring and many bugs fixed

I could not call it v0.4.0 because I did not really add new functionalities since v0.3.2. But take a look at the GitHub compare of v0.3.2 and v0.3.3. A total of 11 commits, showing 21 changed files with 3,605 additions and 1,740 deletions. Not bad for a one-man, ~1300 LOC sized project (still have to … Continue reading “Announcing DataDeck v0.3.3, huge refactoring and many bugs fixed”

Announcing DataDeck v0.3.1

Finally, I was able to work on DataDeck and release version 0.3.1 to the public. During the last 10 days I favored working on the new dpm library. It is difficult for me to contribute to both the projects because DataDeck is completely dpm dependent. Meanwhile, dpm is facing many internal changes. It is switching … Continue reading “Announcing DataDeck v0.3.1”

datapkggui is now DataDeck, datapkg is now dpm and other great news

A heated week for OFKN projects! After I joined [ckan-dev] mailing list to discuss about datapkggui and datapkg, many things happened: Datapkg has been renamed to dpm, and is rapidly evolving under-the-hood My datapkggui project has been renamed to DataDeck, it is moving forward to become a CKAN project and will have its tiny Wiki … Continue reading “datapkggui is now DataDeck, datapkg is now dpm and other great news”

datapkggui v0.2.1, an important bugfix

I don’t usually post about bugfixing releases, but this one is very important. It seems that nobody (including me and datapkg developers) noticed that datapkg default configuration currently points to the old CKAN Api url, While developing datapkggui, I simply changed the configuration line ckan.url = to ckan.url = New users that directly download datapkg (or … Continue reading “datapkggui v0.2.1, an important bugfix”