Introducing SEMAT Essence Accelerator

It is a pleasure for me to announce a stable public release of SematAcc – the SEMAT Essence Accelerator. SematAcc is a web positioning system for SEMAT Essence Theory of Software Engineering. It provides practical ways to learn the Essence theory, as it enables a web positioning system to represent a software system status using … Continue reading “Introducing SEMAT Essence Accelerator”

tl;dr legal – understand and apply opensource licenses, for humans.

Have you ever wondered whether you should go with GNU Lesser General Public License v3 or the MIT License? What does the Microsoft Public License say, by the way? We need tools to visualize software licenses in order to better understand them, respect them and (eventually) apply them to our software systems. tl;dr legal is … Continue reading “tl;dr legal – understand and apply opensource licenses, for humans.”

mbpfan v1.4.0 is out

It is a pleasure for me to announce the immediate availability of mbpfan version 1.4.0. The project attempt is to write a simple, lightweight, yet highly efficient program to adjust the CPU and the other fans of Macbook and Macbook Pro laptops running GNU/Linux. This project could not accept its destiny to be a insignificant, … Continue reading “mbpfan v1.4.0 is out”

What is next? (an update after Summer vacation)

I am slowly going back to real life. The last 7-8 months have been intense and challenging for me. On 23rd July I successfully graduated with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering). The thesis comprised two intense empirical researches on the role of affective states for software developers. Thereafter, I spent … Continue reading “What is next? (an update after Summer vacation)”

OpenPomo Project is born

After more than a year, I am very happy to announce that Pomodroid – the first Android advanced productivity app that lets user focus on their tasks under the Pomodoro Technique – has been discontinued. From the ashes of Pomodroid, the OpenPomo project is born. OpenPomo is a family of Android applications, all of them … Continue reading “OpenPomo Project is born”

DataDeck v0.4.0 – Creation, modification and organization of Packages

A new DataDeck version is out. In DataDeck v0.4.0 I implemented quite all the additions I developed in dpm library. In this release I focused on packages. Because DataDeck searches and downloads packages from The Data Hub, it makes sense to have those packages organized and easily managed. Therefore, DataDeck now has a Package Library … Continue reading “DataDeck v0.4.0 – Creation, modification and organization of Packages”