frequently asked questions for supervised students

I have been in academia for some time now. Long enough that I start noticing patterns in the questions potential and current supervised students ask. Sometimes it gets tiring answering them multiple times per semester. Students are not at fault for this, because it is their first time, contrary to me.

I decided to start a FAQ. Please read it if you would like me to supervise a thesis or an intermediate project of yours. The list contains all the little tips and tricks for maximizing your chances that I will accept your request. And also, some basis for ensuring a good quality work.

As of the SoSe 2021, I can also be examiner (Prüfer) for theses and intermediate projects. The FAQs still hold if I also happen to supervise your work.

When you approach me for supervising your work, please include in your e-mail that you read my FAQ.


First contact


Communication and meetings


Feedback mechanisms

Project paper / thesis writing

Learning material

During the first phases of supervision time, I will assume that you are at least aware of the following titles, and that you will look at them before approaching me with questions.

Grading concerns

Questions you might be afraid to ask

Yet, some of them were actually asked.

I have a question that is not listed here